BZA's Nine Criteria

The Board of Zoning Adjustments shall not authorize a variance from the requirements of this Ordinance unless it shall make findings based upon the evidence presented to it that each special case shall indicate all of the following:

1. Special conditions and circumstances exist which are peculiar to the land, structure, or building involved and which are not applicable to other lands, structures, or buildings in the same zoning district.
2. Literal interpretation of the provisions of this Ordinance would deprive the applicant of rights commonly enjoyed by other properties in the same district under the terms of this Ordinance.
3. The special conditions and circumstances do not result from the actions of the
applicant or any other person who may have or had interest in the property.
4. Granting the variance requested will not confer on the applicant any special privilege which is denied by this Ordinance to other lands, structures, or buildings in the same district or similarly situated.
5. The variance, if granted, will not alter the essential character of the locality.
6. Strict adherence to the regulation for the property would result in a demonstrable hardship upon the owner, as distinguished from mere inconvenience.
7. The purpose of the variance is not based exclusively upon a desire to serve the convenience or profit of the property owner or other interested party(s).
8. The granting of the variance will not be detrimental to the public welfare or injurious to other property or improvements in the neighborhood in which the property is located.
9. The proposed variance will not impair an adequate supply of light and air to adjacent property, or increase substantially the congestion in the public street, or increase the danger of fire, or endanger the public safety.    

Useful Info

Important Information about the French Quarter (Vieux Carré) From the Property Owner, Residents & Associates, Inc.
  • Short Term Rental and Bed & Breakfasts in the Vieux Carré are ILLEGAL. Except for licensed hotels, all rentals must exceed 60 days.
  • Trash - NEVER ON SUNDAY. Read the City Department of Sanitation ordinance. Set out on curb Monday-Saturday beginning @ 5:00pm. (Anytime earlier is not legal & may result in a ticket or a fine!)
  • Street Cleaning
  • Watch Out on Tuesday & Thursday mornings YOU WILL BE TOWED Retrieval Minimum $125
  • Tuesdays 8-12 Noon 'Cross Streets' (Esplanade, etc.)
  • Thursdays 8-12 Noon 'Long Streets' (Bourbon, etc.)
  • Moving in or Out - You must have a police detail for security/traffic. Call the 8th District at 585-7530.
  • Parking - Most non-metered parking In the Quarter is limited to two hours from 7:00am until 7:00pm unless you have a resident or guest pass.
  • Call the RESIDENTIAL PARKING DIVISION at 485-3610 to inquire about passes. IF YOU ARE TOWED, the City Auto Pound is located at 400 N. Claiborne Avenue, 585-7450.
  • Exterior Paint/Construction - You must obtain a permit from the Vieux Carré Commission. 334 Royal Street, Monday - Friday 9am-4:30pm. 528-3950.

City Council
City Council Member Phone Fax Email
Arnie Fielkow
(At Large)
504-658-1060 504-658-1068
Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson
(At Large)
504-658-1070 504-658-1077
Shelley Midura
(District A)
504-658-1010 504-658-1016
Stacy Head
(District B)
504-658-1020 504-658-1025
James Carter
(District C)
504-658-1030 504-658-1037
Cynthia Hedge-Morrell
(District D)
504-658-1040 504-658-1048
Cynthia Willard-Lewis
(District E)
504-658-1050 504-658-1058
Mayor Phone Fax Email
Mayor C. Ray Nagin 504-658-4900 504-658-4939

Useful Numbers

Department/Company/Organization Phone
Emergency 911
8th District Police (Non-Emergency) 504-565-7530
Fire (Emergency) 911
Entergy 1-800-ENTERGY
Cox Cable 504-304-8444
Free debris pick-up /free home demolitions: 877-286-6431
Side walk damaged by corps clean-up: 800-849-1355
Contractors licensed in Louisiana: 225-765-2301
Request Travel Trailers: 888-294-2822
Assistance finding housing: 800-762-8740
Resided in subsidized housing prior to Katrina: 866-373-9509
Need emergency shelter: 866-310-7617
Need help with prescription drugs: 888-477-2669
Department of Vital Records and Health statistics: 504-219-4500
Entergy: 800-368-3749
Help with utility bills: 504-309-6707, 6708, 6709
Cox Communications: 504-304-8444
Sewage and Water Board: 504-529-2837
Family Assistance Center: 866-326-9396
Remains Management: 225-267-2604 or 225-267-2603
Emergency Operations Center Main Number: 504-658-8700
FEMA: 800-621-FEMA
City of New Orleans Health Department: 504-658-2500
To Report a water line break: 504-529-2837 9AM - 5PM
American Red Cross: 866-GET INFO
American Red Cross Financial Assistance: 866-GET INFO
Department of Education: 877-453-2721
Department of Social Services: 888-524-3578
Disaster Legal Services: 800-310-7029
The Salvation Army: 504-835-7220
Department of Parks and Parkways: 504-658-3200
VCPORA Phone 504-581-7200
VCPORA Fax 504-581-7201
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