2014 Elections - District C Candidate Interviews

The election for District C, At Large, and Mayoral candidates is Saturday, February 1. It’s important: The winners will lead our city and our neighborhood through the next four years. Vieux Carré Property Owners, Residents and Associates (VCPORA), and French Quarter Citizens (FQC) interviewed candidates during the past few weeks on their views on issues important to the French Quarter. We have summarized these interviews and are distributing them to our members and to others in hopes of providing deeper insight into the candidates’ views. As nonprofit 501(c ) 3 organizations, neither VCPORA nor FQC makes any endorsement in elections; our purpose is to share information.

Please keep in mind that we did our best to capture the statements and positions of the candidates, but what follows are summaries.  We encourage you to review the candidates’ campaign materials, attend forums and other presentations, and, if possible, talk to the candidates themselves.

To read summaries of our interviews with the candidates for District C, click the link below.

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2014 Elections - Mayoral Candidate Interviews

Please click the link below to read summaries of our interviews with mayoral candidates Michael Bagneris and Mitch Landrieu.  Continued  »